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Hair Artists


BEST QUALITY:  Being humble & thankful for being able to be of service by using my hands to create art and making people feel beautiful inside-out.

FAVORITE PLACE IN SO CAL:  Californians are fortunate to have so many! My favorite place in Southern California would be Coronado, San Diego. A small, beautiful island over a bridge from Downtown SD with the most breathe-taking sunsets by the ocean shore!

WHAT MAKES ME SMILE THE MOST:  This one is easy! I smile and laugh the most when I'm with my FAMILY. I come from a large family with values and traditions and am the happiest when we are all brought together in joyous re-unions! 

MOST MEMORABLE CLIENT STORY:  My most memorable client story was during the very beginning of my career while I was attending the Academy as a student. My model asked to cut her long, thick and shiny hair into a Women's Contemporary Short Haicut in honor of her mother who had passed away from cancer. During the haircut, with tears in her eyes, she shared stories to me about her mother.... let's just say, right there and then I realized I was going to be in a career with my heart ALL in! 

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT:  My favorite vacation spot would be New's a quick get-away where I can get lost into the bright-lit crowds and explore the city, museums and Broadway shows! 

I AM AT PEACE WHEN:  I love to read. I enjoy lighting my candles, incense aroma and reading self-improvement or inspirational books... this is when I am most at peace, embracing silence & solitude.



BEST QUALITY: I’m brutally honest. Which on some cases would also make it my worst quality. 


FAVORITE PLACE IN SO CAL: The beach of course! All of them

WHAT MAKES ME SMILE THE MOST: When I am able to transform someone’s life through their hair. Making other people smile makes me smile.


I don’t really have a favorite because I like to try and go somewhere I’ve never been when I go on vacation. I can’t say that I’ve vacationed in the same place twice. I do enjoy a good Staycation though!

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